Why become an associate of Don Pan Bakery?

A common question among potential partners is " Why should I invest in a concept already established if I can start my own business?"

Many have done so, however, it is necessary to consider the risks of opening a business in the restaurant industry or bakeries without the training, commercial experience or appropriate contacts, all the critical elements in the first months of operation.

The benefits of Don Pan International Bakery® extend beyond the exclusive recipes that we offer. The added value of the brand is the benefit of the experience, knowledge and strategy that we offer you.

Among the advantages is the one that, with adequate opportunity, adopts a method of operations that would take years to develop independently. The opportunity that offers Don Pan International Bakery gives you the scheme needed to undertake a successful business.

The recognition of the brand and an extensive network of support will grant you an immediate and distinguished competitive power against other independent businesses. Partners frequently avoid that expensive period of trial and error that causes many problems for small businesses. A survey by the Department of Labor of the United States suggests that approximately 35% of the independent businesses achieve to overcome that period compared to an index of over 90% for franchise businesses or a multiplied concept such as Don Pan.

 You can be part of this history of growth and development if you decide to become a partner of Don Pan International Bakery®

 We will take your order

Don Pan International Bakery® extends its success and opens up the opportunity of becoming associated in the creation of new stores. Our business philosophy is that we all belong in the same team. Our intention to grant only the best products for our customers is non-negotiable. In the Dictionary of Don Pan International Bakery® there is no such thing as "second best": we do not settle for nothing less than perfection. Thanks to our non-negotiable commitment to excellence, our products and reputation are recognized.

More than a bakery or a concept of natural and fresh pastries, the concept of Don Pan International Bakery® attracts a wide range of clients from all ages, communities and socio-economic situations.

If you want to succeed in the business world, then go with the victors.

We want people to understand that operating a bakery is a complex dynamics and a job that requires love, because we believe that we must love what is being done to achieve success. This idea includes both the ingredients as the business philosophy and the desire to offer a product of excellent quality, always with a commitment to working hard to achieve those goals.

We know our business and we want to help our partners in every way possible. We know what works: from the location and training to process our recipes, going through the selection of products through our network of suppliers and centralized until the recruitment process for staff in service, reaching a final product that is excellent along with satisfied customers.

We are committed to providing the support you need to manage your business effectively and efficiently. This includes a program of initial training, assistance in the place and telephone consultations. The commitment of Don Pan International Bakery does not end when signing the contract: it is just the beginning.